Security – Protecting Your Digital Assets & Sensitive Information From Threats

Protecting Your Digital Assets & Sensitive Information From Threats

Keeping your company’s digital assets and IP safe from cyber attacks is essential in an age where online criminals are getting more resourceful.
Employees or users can put your entire business at risk by innocently clicking “compromised” links if the network is not secure.
Every minute of the day, cybercriminals access sensitive information from exposed businesses that is preventable with enhanced security.

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    Dark Web Monitoring

    Protect Your Brand From The Cyber Criminal World

    Have you heard of the “dark web”?

    The dark web protects user identity and location with encryption technology making it extremely difficult to track users.
    This result makes the dark web attractive technology for illegal purposes, hence the creepy name.
    The good news is that we have the capability of monitoring these sources for misuses of your data,
    such as fraud detection or finding exposed credentials before there’s a problem, minimising the risks less proactive businesses are vulnerable to.
    Can you afford to be exposed any longer?

    Endpoint Detection & Response

    24/7 Cyber Threat Monitoring

    Endpoint detection and response is an advanced IT security solution that works around the clock keeping your business safe.
    “EDR” uses real-time monitoring to detect and investigate suspicious activities on hosts and endpoints.
    This process enables us to quickly identify and respond to threats before your system gets infiltrated.

    The primary functions of an EDR security system are to:

    Monitor data for
    the business

    Analyse this data to swiftly
    identify threats

    Automatically respond to
    these threats

    EDR delivers peace of mind that any potential threats are being monitored, stopped in their tracks and responded to 24/7.
    Is your business missing this powerful automated “threat response” solution?

    Network Firewalls

    Your Internet “Traffic Cop”

    We have partnered with Fortinet to comprehensively monitor your incoming and outgoing network traffic (a little bit like
    passport control at international airports).
    Our firewall solutions block suspicious incoming data based on a set of rules. Therefore, this firewall system will stop unwelcome cyber traffic before it can do any damage to your network. Your firewall is a barrier between a trusted network and an untrusted network, blocking unauthorised traffic from entering.