Voice & Phone Solutions – Is Your Existing System Missing Sales?
A full-featured business phone system hosted on the cloud. A hosted phone system keeps your phones connected using the internet, fulfilling all the functions of a traditional phone system without the need for expensive hardware. Virtual PBX services offer lower call rates, more call management features and easy setup and scaling.

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    Voice & Phone Solutions

    Is Your Existing System Missing Sales?
    The role voice and communication plays in company sales is often grossly underrated.
    Your internal voice systems may be unnecessarily decreasing sales conversation.
    The good news is that small pivots can equal giant swings in performance and profitability.
    The challenge is that most businesses aren’t aware of the solutions that exist.
    System upgrades or installations can drastically increase output, productivity, customer service and experiences overnight, transforming a company’s growth.

    Number Activation

    1300, 1800 & Phonewords – Your Untapped Marketing & Sales Weapon
    Turning your phone number into an inbound marketing and sales asset by securing a 1300 or 1800 Phoneword that’s effortless to remember.
    Think “13CABS” and other national brands that run their marketing campaigns around their phone word.
    Managed Services Australia can help you secure a strategic number that will get phones ringing off the hook.

    Can you afford to have a forgettable – hard to contact number any longer?

    If not, reach out now

    Number Porting

    Take Your Existing Number To The Provider Who Can Best Cater To Your Business’s Goals
    Number porting allows us to your existing phone number(s) and transfer it to another provider with better features and technology to match the company’s goals.
    This service means you don’t have to change any existing contact details to upgrade your voice systems but can effortlessly move elsewhere to get a better experience or deal.
    Don’t stay locked into an unproductive or underperforming provider – let’s shop around to get the best outcome for you!
    Check-in and explore which options are best for your business moving forward.

    SIP Trunks & VOIP Lines

    Enhance Your Customer Service System To Increase Sales & Retention
    Do you experience several calls at any given time during business hours?
    SIP Trunks are a multi-line service allowing you to accommodate several phone lines at once.
    This functionality is essential for call centres, sales departments, customer service or any multi-employee division handling calls.
    A SIP Trunk will enable you to enhance customer service in real-time, increasing sales and retention from the same number of opportunities you’re currently seeing.
    The other exciting benefit is capturing and handling more sales and lead opportunities at the height of desire or enquiry to maximise sales conversation without changing anything else.
    Consider this an essential investment to optimise your sales and customer service, immediately increasing revenue and profit!

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    Messages On Hold/Studio recorded Voice Recordings

    Enhance The Customer Waiting Experience!
    Your “on hold” system can make or break a customer or future customer’s experience with the business.
    Inferior communication systems lead to negative reviews and crippling word of mouth, whereas a positive outcome maximises customer lifetime value and referrals.
    We all know how frustrating the “hold” process can be, so why not enhance this system to make it better for customers and enquiries?
    This pivotal cog in your voice processes will influence sales and the desire to do business with you – so let’s nail this.

    Reach out to discuss the best fit.

    Hosted PBX

    3CX – Create Superior Communication Streams To Revolutionise Team & Customer Engagement
    Integrate everything such as video conferencing, mobile apps, live chat, Facebook messaging and much more for a complete communication system that ticks all the boxes for customers.
    If you feel the company’s existing phone system is missing any of the above, reach out to explore what else is possible and upgrade the experience now.
    Stop settling for just any phone system, enhance the flexibility and communication channels to engage more freely with customers, which will increase conversion and ultimately driving more sales by meeting them in their preferred medium.


    Set Up The Phone & Voice Hardware That’s Going To Drive Performance & Productivity
    We can source and set up phone equipment tailored to your company’s needs and goals for maximum efficiency.
    Managed Services has partnered with several leading brands creating the freedom to find the best products to meet your requirements and budget without being locked into one dealer.
    Choosing from dozens of the products offers the ability to take your requirements and expertly pair each outcome with the perfect solution.
    Why go to one provider with limited choices (and a clear sales bias) when you get the best deals across the board.

    If it makes sense, let us deliver everything you need!

    Mobile Services

    Go Virtual & Transform Your Communication Capabilities
    Managed Services offers cutting-edge mobile services to take your communication mediums to the next level.
    A virtual system handles your business calls through an internet connection.
    This technology enables team members to accept incoming or place outgoing calls across multiple platforms such as a desktop app, mobile phone or desk phone.
    Creating this level of flexibility allows the team to perform their duties remotely, on the road or in the office.
    This upgrade means less downtime with fewer opportunities missed because they’re always reachable via the system.

    Is it time to make your team more accessible to customers and management and increase productivity, ROI and sales?

    Virtual SMS/MMS & Physical SIM Cards

    Leverage The Internet For Greater Messaging Flexibility
    Virtual SMS and MMS enable your team to send and receive SMS or images/video/emoji’s in messages over the internet without a physical phone.
    This flexible system works just like a standard mobile number, however, instead of messages going to a handset, they are routed to a platform.
    These systems increase productivity and are less distracting as team members aren’t constantly glued or interrupted by the vibrations of hand-held devices.
    There’s no need to split time between computers and phones with this integrated online technology.

    If this sounds interesting, reach out to learn more.

    Contact Centre

    We Can Build High-Performing Call centres – Empowering Your Team To Sell More With Heightened Accountability & Better Technology
    Optimising your sales contact systems has a significant impact on increasing revenue and profitability.
    A new system with faster touchpoints, enhanced tracking or communication capabilities (both inbound and outbound) will increase conversion.
    Small increases in conversation can have a profound impact on sales.
    For example, increasing from 10% to 15% conversion is a 50% increase in sales.
    This optimisation is the quickest way to transform the sales of your organisation.
    Upgraded tracking also means your sales team can’t hide behind excuses anymore as more data provides greater accountability based on results.

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