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Protect and accelerate external, public-facing web properties.

Secure and accelerate your apps, APIs, and websites in minutes by pointing your DNS to Cloudflare. Instantly turn on performance and security services, including: CDN, WAF, DDOS protection, bot management, API security, web analytics, image optimization, stream delivery, load balancing, SSL, and DNS.

Secure your internal operations on a single global network.

Protect your employees on the Internet by installing a device-friendly agent or mobile app and turn on Zero Trust services. You can also protect your office networks and data centers by connecting them directly to Cloudflare’s network for ingress and/or egress to the Internet, to cloud providers, and/or to your other offices.

Build new applications on our serverless platform.

Create entirely new applications or augment existing ones without deploying infrastructure. Based on an isolate rather than a container model, there’s no need to select regions, manage scaling, or pay for capacity that you don’t use. Cold start times are eliminated, and your code runs across every data center in Cloudflare’s network, which is milliseconds away from virtually every Internet user.


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    Why Choose Cloudflare?


    CloudFlare uses a globally distributed network for web caching, web content optimization and malicious bot filtering resulting in your website being twice as fast and saving you up to 60% in bandwidth.


    CloudFlare’s technology automatically detects any new threats that arise on the web, helping to prevent over 90% of attacks. No complex code or server configurations required.


    CloudFlare’s Always Online™ service keeps your website available, even if the server goes offline. Plus with CloudFlare’s smart rules, you’ll gain more control and flexibility over your website’s security & performance page-by-page.

    CloudFlare Benefits

    Railgun Origin Network Optimizer

    As a optimised Cloudflare partner Conetix runs Railgun server to ensure that the connection between your origin server and the Cloudflare network is as fast as possible .


    CloudFlare helps report where other analytics services ignore, providing a better insight into your website traffic and performance.


    CloudFlare caches your site to 23 data centres around the world. Reducing requests to fewer than 10 hops and less than 30ms.


    CloudFlare Optimzer on-the-fly AutoMinify service reduces files by up to 20%, making your site faster while reducing your bandwidth.

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    Simply incredible service from the people at Conetix”

    Act Today have been using Conetix for our customers Hosting service since 2006. We have found the team at Conetix to be professional and experienced in managing our customers servers. Highly recommended.

    Cloudflare Plans and Pricing

    Conetix is an Optimised Cloudflare partner and can assist with best practice and provide advice on on setup of all plans from FREE to Enterprise.
    CloudFlare Starter
    • FREE with all Conetix Hosting plans
    • Fast site performance
    • Broad security protection
    • Powerful stats about your visitors
    • Railgun Enabled
    CloudFlare Performance
    • Faster site performance
    • Mobile optimizations
    • Web application firewall
    • SSL
    • Virtually real-time statistics
    • Railgun Enabled
    $29.99 Monthly