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AR Cloud Solutions is an integrated solution for production, test, and the DC (Data Center) extension to the cloud and gives DR (disaster recovery) for their customers. All of these are highly scalable, stretchable, and conventional cloud so that you can manage them according to your budget. We have available solutions for our customers so that they can consume AWS (Amazon Web Services) with secure solutions and control of the private cloud.

We have our partners with IT teams along with skill sets, which collectively give you stretch-ability for cloud on the fly. We are working with the goal to solve your issue in the least possible time . We can help customers start as small and not compromise the high availability or functionality with tailored payments. We are ready to plan to fulfill all your business demands. This helps us handle critical production workloads, test and develop the run apps, remote IT solutions, and have DR on a cloud.

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    Cloud Services By AR Cloud Solutions

    The public cloud computing services are based on the similar conceptual framework of remote infrastructure run by the servers located in eh data center. There are similar in many ways and to understand in simple way, you can compare that with a pyramid having the three layers. Each layer has its set of specializations but all have the same base. The lower layers are broad and can be customized because of versatility and availability of a range of applications. The upper layers are narrow as they are created for purposes of doing a specific task. Dreams World has the team to support you with entire cloud initiative, including the following services:

    Infrastructure As A Service (Iaas)

    This is the base of cloud computing. IaaS is a widely ranged and bendable cloud service, which offers a complete virtual computing infrastructure that is provisioned and handled over the internet. Being the IaaS provider, we get done the management of physical infrastructure, including data storage space and servers, etc. in the data center. This makes customers allowed with the altered resources to view according to their requirements. With IaaS, you have options available to buy, install, configure, and manage the software you wanted to use along with operating systems, middleware, business analytics, applications, and development tools.
    Companies work on a large scale, prefer paying for the infrastructure they use, it makes them allow fulfilling their computing needs as it needs not building out additional capacity. With IaaS capital expense of creating the in-house infrastructure can vanish. So, for small companies, it is a great option, as they have resources for hardware purchase for startups and software required for creating their own network at the initial stage. It handles the daily burden with the management of the computing infrastructure at the hands of IT departments so that they can freely focus on business growth. Being the trusted IaaS provider we make sure your system is updated regularly with the latest software so that you can enjoy the new programs and applications. Regular updates also work on security protections and make you serve with disaster recovery.

    Platform As A Service (PaaS)

    As mentioned above, IaaS delivers the tools available through the cloud and create the suite according to the requirement of the client, but PaaS does that with more specifications. It’s not a pure infrastructure but provides the required framework for building, testing, deployment, management, and updates software products. With PaaS, we use the same basic infrastructure, but it also includes middleware, operating systems, development tools, and database management systems for creating software applications.
    PaaS is helpful for software development and creating web-based applications. For the same, tools required are for development for multiple platforms such as browsers, computers, and mobile devices are much expensive, but with the use of PaaS, we make customers access the development tools they wanted. In addition, you even no need to buy them. This platform is accessed over the internet, so our remote development teams can access the same assets for product development. We have many PaaS tools that can be extended the Pre-Coded applications into platforms that can lessen the time for coding and support you so that you can make your product market faster.

    Software As A Service (SaaS)

    SaaS is the most famous cloud computing. It is a completely developed software solution, which you can purchase and use on the internet after getting its subscription. Being, SaaS providers, we get done the management of infrastructure, middleware, operating systems, and data required for the program delivered and make sure the software is available when it is needed to be used. We have some ready to use SaaS applications, which need not be downloaded or installed as it runs directly through web browsers. It lessens the software management issues for internal IT teams and makes companies allowed for streamlined operations with hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.
    Having SaaS applications with us, you can run applications and perform large-scale operations. So, you need not buy the hardware purchase or deployment and software for delivering business services. Customer relationship management or enterprise resource planning programs can be assessed easily by small organizations as we are offering tools to you for business growth.

    Function As A Service (FaaS)

    This is known as serverless computing, with the same we make you allow to execute the code and it did not need to allocate processing resources ahead of time. We get done with the infrastructure and make you allow to focus on deploying the application code. Hence, the functions scale repeatedly, thus making them fit for the fluctuating workloads in terms of resource consumption. You must make payment for the resources only you use.
    FaaS applications are easy to use and deployed easily. You should upload the complied function code and ask for the provisioned resource from us at the time of execution. When the function is at rest, it does not use any resources but can be scaled on demand.

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